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Tales from the Trails - Jacqui Morgan

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Meet Jacqui Morgan (left), who will be taking on the Trans Cape SwimRun challenge on March 8th. Jacqui is a recreational athlete who loves being outside, so we asked her a few questions:

How many SwimRun events have you taken part in? Which ones? 

Two - Rotto SwimRun 2018 and 2019. And soon to be three; Trans Cape SwimRun.

Have you had the same partner for all of your SwimRuns?

No, the first SwimRun Ben Sands and I were partners. He decided he was more suited to sprinting than long distance. The next one Kelly Morgan and I were partners. We've signed up for the Trans Cape SwimRun together too. 

How did you first get involved in SwimRun?

Friends, Elizabeth and Charlotte Woollard, did the first Rotto SwimRun in 2017 and had a great time. FOMO got me entered in the 2018 one. 

What’s your experience of partner racing been like?

SwimRuns are the first races I've done where you and your partner are running and swimming side-by-side. Triathlons and open water swimming are individual and the duo and team Rottnest Channel Swim are teams but there's only ever one person in the water at a time so you can go at your own pace. Partner racing is more fun because there's someone to chat to the whole way but more challenging because you have to go at the same pace. 

What is your sporting/activity background?

I grew up in a sporty family. There was usually backyard cricket, tennis or a game of footy being played. Mum made my brothers and I do swimming lessons till we reached Dolphin Squad level - doing laps of the pool. I hated this at the time but am grateful for it now (she now regrets this as it has enabled me to get into adventure sports). I enjoy surf life saving at North Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club, have done five half ironmans and one full ironman in 2014 which took a very looooooong time! These days I play tennis in the summer and hockey in the winter, and the odd triathlon. My two favourite events so far are the Rottnest SwimRun and the Dunsborough X-Adventure Race. 

What’s attracted you to Trans Cape SwimRun?

The beautiful scenery. It's outside. The run has lots of variety; sand, rocks, trail running and ? The water looks lovely. Spending the day with my cuz! And it'll motivate me to train...

What are you looking forward to about the day?

Camaraderie and the scenery. 

What song would you like to be playing when you get to the finish line at theDunsborough Bay Yacht Club?

Ooooo so many to choose from. Born to be Alive by Toni Lo.

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