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Q   Can I use fins or flippers?

A     No. Fins or flippers are not allowed in SwimRun events. You can use hand paddles and pull buoys though.


Q   Can I wear a wetsuit?

A     You can't wear a full wetsuit, but we do allow people to wear wetsuit 'pants'.

Q    Can I take my shoes off for the swim and tie them around my waist or put them in a bag?

A      No. Shoes need to be worn at all times. SwimRun is a transition-free event, moving from swim to run effortlessly. You’ll also need shoes to protect your feet on rocks along the water’s edge.

Q    How big can my pull buoy be?

A      You can use a pull buoy, so long as it’s no bigger than 77cm in total dimensions (ie length + width + depth).

Q    There is a lot of trail running in the Trans Cape SwimRun – what sort of shoes should I wear?

A      Make sure your shoes have plenty of grip, suitable for trail and some rock running. 

Q    Are some socks better than others?

A      Some people wear compression socks for SwimRun. Longer socks, even over the ankle, are good because you won’t get as much sand in them. And nylon is the way to go rather than cotton. Make sure you do some training in the gear you’re planning on wearing on the day.

Q    What equipment MUST we take with us?

A       For safety reasons, both team members must carry a whistle and one member must carry a compression-type of bandage (good for snake-bite and sprains), preferably in a zip-lock bag or similar to keep it as dry as possible.

Q    How will we be numbered?

A      Numbering will be on your RIGHT arm, with a marker pen at the Artezen Cafe bus pick-up.

Q    How will our time be recorded?

A      Trans Cape SwimRun will use a web based timing system and results will be posted on this web site as soon after the event as possible. 


The Course

Q    Can I go ahead of my team partner to make sure we get a good time?

A      No. A big part of the SwimRun ethos is that you stay with your partner. The support you give each other is really important and it’s also a safety issue – you have someone looking out for you. You shouldn’t be any more than 10 metres apart on either land or in the water. Officials will be on course watching for non-compliance and there will be a 3 strikes policy. One breach - no penalty; two breaches - 8 minute time penalty; and three breaches - disqualification. No warnings will be given by officials on course, but breaches will be reflected in final results.

Q    What if my partner is much faster than me?

A      In SwimRun, you are allowed to be ‘tethered’ with your partner for both the swim and run. If they’re a lot faster than you, then perhaps you haven’t chosen the right partner, as they could be holding back for you a lot and/or you might feel under pressure to keep up.  Remember: You must be no more than 10 metres apart on either land or water. Teamwork is part of the SwimRun challenge.

Q    Are there cut off times?

A     Cut off times will be applicable at each aid station, allowing for a maximum pace of approximately 9mins/km running and 30m/km swimming. Acceleration points may be used for slower teams, in which case, Run 4 is missed and teams continue onto Swim 4 after the aid station and / or missing Swim 9 and running that section instead.

Q    What will be offered at aid stations?

A      You will be able to pick up water, bananas, Bindi sports drink and Koda (formerly Shotz) energy gels, plus extra goodies at some of the aid stations – we’ll let you know which stations will have what supplies in the Athlete Handbook. It’s also a good idea to carry your own extra gels just in case. We will also have sunscreen on hand to reapply at all aid stations and before the start.

Q    Can I leave my own products at the aid stations?

A      No. If you have specific products you like, then you’ll need to carry those with you.

Q    We’ll be swimming in Bunker Bay – what about sharks?

A      In reality, whenever you go into the ocean, there’s a chance you might come across a shark. All swim legs in the event will have you swimming along  the  shore and you can choose  your own level of comfort by swimming closer to shore if you want. Water safety will be provided by the Smiths Beach Surf Lifesaving Club. Additional measures will also be in place in Bunker Bay that will provide further layers of safety.


Race Day

Q    How do I get from Dunsborough to the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse for the start?

A      Included in the registration fee, is a bus service that will take you from Artezen Cafe Central Dunsborough to the start. Parking at Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse is very limited and we discourage people driving themselves to the start line. No cars are to be left at the lighthouse for the duration of the event. The buses will leave at 7.10am promptly, so make sure you’re not late! Artezen Cafe will be open early for those who need their caffeine boost and a comfort stop before boarding the bus.

Q    Where do I leave my car in Dunsborough?

A      If you don't have a supporter who can drop you off at Artezen Cafe, then please consider other visitors to Dunsborough and park your car away from the main Dunsborough strip a little, to avoid taking up premium car bays for a good part of the day.

Q    What do I do with gear I take to the start line but I won't be using during the event?

A      Any gear you have with you at the start that you don’t want to carry yourself back to Dunsborough(!) should be put in a bag and we’ll transport it to the finish line at the Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club for you. There will be a bag-tag in your race pack. Please keep your bag small and as light as possible.

Q    What happens if the weather is bad?

A      We have chosen a time of year where the conditions are usually fairly still and if there is a sea breeze, the swim legs will be protected. We have scope to run any swim legs that might have to be cancelled.

Q    Will there be wave starts?

A      The field will be limited to 145 teams. There will be a mass start at 8am from the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse.

Q    Can my supporters take the competitor bus to the start line?

A       Unfortunately that won’t be possible, as there will only be room for athletes. Also, the buses will have returned before the start and they will be stuck out there! Parking is very limited, so we ask people to refrain from driving out to the start. Probably best for supporters to wish your team good luck in Dunsborough, and find a nice bay or two – Bunker, Eagle, Meelup, Castle Rock, Old Dunsborough – to cheer you on along the way.


Q    What food and drink will be provided at the finish line?

A       We’ll provide water, electrolyte and fruit for athletes. Your entry includes a 'burger and a beverage' from the Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club at the completion of the event on presentation of the vouchers received in your race pack. Food and drinks will be available for supporters to purchase from DBYC. 


Q    If I catch the bus to the start from central Dunsborough, how do I get back from the Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club at the end of the day?

A       There is be parking for supporters at the Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club and nearby, but we’ll be providing a shuttle service back to central Dunsborough at the end of the event if you need it.

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