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A Tee or a Moonah Tree?

Trans Cape SwimRun will once again bring the opportunity to give back to the precious environment through which we are privileged to traverse with the Tee or a Tree initiative.

Event t-shirts can be found at the bottom of a clothes draw whist the Moonah Tree (or Rottnest Teatree) can be found along the coastal limestone landscape of the capes region.

So it seems an obvious choice that Trans Cape in 2022 brings A TEE OR A MOONAH TREE!

A Tee or a Moonah Tree offers the opportunity for you to forego your Trans Cape event shirt and instead have us donate the cost of the shirt to the Nature Conservation group.

Drew McKenzie, Coastal Officer from the Nature Conservation Group says “the Moonah tree is an iconic coastal tree species that is found scattered along our coast limestone landscapes. It’s a beautiful shade and habitat tree that is the backbone of one of the listed Ecological Communities of the Capes. It is a sought after food and habitat tree for the critically endangered Western Ringtail Possum and as a summer flowering plant provides an important nectar resource to wildlife over the driest and hottest period of the year”.

In joining with the Nature Conservation group funds raised from a Tee or a Moonah Tree will support their Caring for Coast project

The crew at Nature Conservation are real life environmental fairies giving themselves to the restoration and care of the Southwest ecology and we are super excited to partner with them in the Trans Cape SwimRun 2022

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